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Mission LiFE Voluntarily Campaign

Mission LiFE : Lifestyle For Environment

Mission LiFE is a global mass movement launched by Hon’ble Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi and United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on 20th October, 2022. This is a global plan of action, aiming at saving the planet from the disastrous consequences of climate change. It suggests adopting simple solutions that will nudge individual and collective actions towards the protection and preservation of the environment.

As part of Mission LiFE, the Indian Government also unveiled a list of 75 lifestyle practices that can promote simple climate-friendly behavior. These actions are listed under 7 categories – energy saving, water saving, reduced use of single-use plastic, sustainable food systems, waste reduction (swachhata actions), adopting a healthy lifestyle and e-waste handling.

DMCC Voluntarily Initiatives for Mission LiFE : Global Community Webinar Series (GCWS) – जन आंदोलन” & “National Community Webinar Series (NCWS) – जन आंदोलन”

To voluntarily contribute in such a noble global mass movement and promote an environmentally conscious lifestyle, our community – Disaster Management Comrades and Champions (DMCC) initiated two campaigns i.e. “Global Community Webinar Series (GCWS) – जन आंदोलन” & “National Community Webinar Series (NCWS) – जन आंदोलन” on Mission LiFE (Lifestyle for Environment)”. Both GCWS and NCWS adhere to the aim of Mission LiFE & the experts and community leaders involved in these webinar series as panelists will promote simple actions that everyone across the world can take and nudge individuals & communities across the world to practice simple yet effective environment-friendly actions in their daily lives.

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