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About Us

Disaster Management Comrades & Champions(DMCC)

Disaster Management Comrades & Champions (DMCC) is a Global community on disaster management begin it’s journey in 2020 as a volunteer initiative, it is an interdisciplinary volunteer core group of DM professionals for constructive discussions, idea sharing, and cooperation.

Drawing inspiration from PM 10 point Agenda-Item No. Seventh, which says utilize the opportunities provided by social media and mobile technologies. Social media is transforming disaster response. It is helping response agencies in quickly organizing themselves and enabling citizens to connect more easily with authorities. In disaster after disaster, affected people are using social media to help each other. Those responsible for disaster management must recognize the potential of social media and develop applications relevant to various aspects of disaster risk management. To accomplish the mentioned objective DMCC developed channels on various social media platforms, and today creating awareness via 8 social media channels.

Join hands initiative

Realizing significance of awareness in disaster management, DMCC started join hand initiative to connect the masses, the initiative received great response and a leading DM professionals and experts came together to join hands for resilience and shared valuable inputs,

Promote Disaster Management & DRR for the welfare of society, our core objective is to sensitize the awareness about disaster management nationally & internationally, Promotion of International Disaster frameworks/ resolutions/Policies as SFDRR, CoP & SDGs. Group invites brainstorming about the implementation of Hon’ble Prime Minister’s 10-point agenda of Disaster Risk Reduction(DRR), NAPCC & CDRI, etc. & conceptualized for bringing the disaster management professionals together for effective contribution in DRM. DMCC runs with a believe on linguistic & demographic diversity so we mostly use English & often pictures in our communication but we respect all the languages so feel free to share your views in any language (if any member feel it can deliver fruitful messages to all with the spirit of no one left behind). DMCC is voluntarily managed by eminent editors who time to time manage the group as per the line of objectives laid down. It’s an open platform so editors delete post which does not conform to the objective of DMCC, as we all know knowledge is infinite & if we try to post everything on such a group then it became irrelevant, hence to maintain quality, standard, relevancy & authenticity of content it’s very important. We encourage Students & Women leadership to come forward & contribute their experiences with us (till now we receive great responses). Lastly, nothing is perfect but we are free to make efforts to achieve so, we need your suggestions, ideas & contribution to improvise. Thanks for visiting, looking for your valuable contribution. Let’s join hands for resilience.